Ken Wilber – Ayahuasca Part 1.wmv

Ken Wilber - Ayahuasca Part 1.wmv

Ken Wilber talks about Ayahuasca – Part 1 of 2. From Integral Life Practice Q&A–August, 2005 All credits to Ken Wilber, Integral Naked, Integral Institute. This video is for educational purposes only, and use of copyrighted material falls under the “Fair Use” provision, which allows reasonable use of copyrighted work, without permission, for research, criticism, or education.

The Catholic theologian Karl Rahner famously said “the Christian of tomorrow will be a mystic, or not a Christian at all.” Few people have impacted Christianity in this regard as has Fr. Thomas Keating. A Cistercian monk from St. Benedict’s Monastery in Snowmass, Colorado, Fr. Thomas has spent a lifetime in deep Christian practice, and in sharing the fruits of this contemplation with countless others. We were enormously blessed to host a dialogue with Fr. Thomas and Ken Wilber in April of 2006. In today’s featured video, Ken presents some of the foundational concepts of Integral spirituality.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to Ken Wilber – Ayahuasca Part 1.wmv

  1. DreamingRealityOrg says:

    I wonder if the leather chair fits into integral theory ;)

  2. AldousYahyel says:

    Ken Wilber would make a gangsta character in The Matrix

  3. James Macdonald says:

    waht?? rubbish!!!

  4. thebankpolizie says:

    good red wine, is good i find :)

  5. trulygoodnow says:

    Most of the media is controlled by Jews, even though they (Jews) are only 2% of the U.S. population.

    Even a few prominent Jews are beginning to admit this.

    Most recently a Jew named Elad Nehorai wrote an article titled “Jews Do Control The Media”. It was first published in the Times of Israel in July of 2012, and his real name was eventually changed to a pen name — Manny Friedman.

    Why are most non-Jews totally unaware that most media is controlled by a small ethnic group (Jews)?

  6. reeferboy2003 says:

    I really wanna try Ayahuasca, but i’m a little scared of losing control of the trip. I need to try it first time with this guy, he would be able to help me I’m sure. Where he at? lol
    Anyone else here tried it? Maybe gimme a little advice? Would really appreciate it.


  7. meghan42 says:


  8. Simon Nilsson says:

    Anyone know any spiritual / shamanic communities in brazil?

  9. calin4thewin says:

    Better? That’s vague. What do you base that on?

  10. ballparkfrank33 says:

    Your knowledge of LSD easily surpasses my own. The spiritual part is subjective, I merely advocate DMT as a safe way to experience the surreal…good day.

  11. Eural Jones says:

    WOW!!! Listening to human souls on the way to Hell.

  12. Bregowald says:

    the acid that was available in the 90s was very weak, 20 – 90ug per hit, and you need 200-400ug to have a spiritual experience. The average dosage in the 60s was 250ug per hit. Today you can find acid that is this strong. But these higher dosages were uncommon in the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

  13. ballparkfrank33 says:

    Perhaps my use of the word “speed” was inappropriate. I meant to say; whatever the substance is in a paper-tab that makes your jaw clench and wont let you sleep for three days.(i had the bulk of my acid trips in the early ’90′s) And the hallucinogenic power of DMT is naturally what makes it attractive on a base level, but the days and weeks after are filled with a certain synchronicity. I don’t use DMT as a recreational drug.

  14. Bregowald says:

    Acid is never cut with speed. Speed can’t fit onto a blotting paper. What you do have to worry about is that (a) it’s weak acid, or (b) it’s not acid, but something similar to acid. Fortunately, this is not as common as some people seem to think. There’s a lot of good acid, if you know where to look. I find that DMT is more of a hallucinogen than a spiritual psychedelic. It gets a lot of hype because it produces very powerful hallucinations, which people confuse with spiritual experiences.

  15. ballparkfrank33 says:

    I have no experience w/ Ayahuasca, but I do with DMT. Acid is hard to get without speed and garbage in it. Dmt opens doors with efficacy.

  16. Bregowald says:

    lsd is better than ayauwasca if you want to attain spiritual illumination.

  17. maria del agua says:

    hola! sabes como encontrar videos de k.w en español??o subtitulads?? gracias!!

  18. enormousforce says:

    “..that in you which is noticing everything, there’s something in you which is conscious of everything, all the time”

    (1) Turiya: The witness; The observer; Pure awareness;
    (2) see Shiva Sutras by Singh or Lakshmanjoo
    (3) read on scribd (no need to signup to read)
    (4) see Don Juan on “inner silence” and “stopping the internal dialogue” for additional insights.
    (5) “We are luminous beings. We are perceivers. We are an awareness; we are not objects; we have no solidity.” – Don Juan

  19. Jesse Franckowiak says:

    I love you guys :)

  20. Onik Torosian says:

    Who am I?

  21. Onik Torosian says:

    Who am I?

  22. Dzumdang says:

    Smart & strong: the benefits of cross-training. In his words, he was an “ectomorphic, skinny intellectual” for most of his life, then sought some balance.

  23. Lamadredelt0pp0 says:

    Se está poniendo fuerte el cabrón.

  24. rmolag says:

    clearly not speaking from personal experience, only from observations of others. speaking around it. but sounds very learned. supposed to have an intelligent mind.

  25. squamish4244 says:

    Yes, he could definitely say the same thing with a lot fewer words.

  26. alliant says:

    I sincerely don’t think you’re going to open his mind, judging by his tone and vague ad hominems, he’s going to continue projecting this awful image.

  27. alliant says:

    considering multiple points of view =/= integrating them

  28. Lex Willenbrecht says:

    i can eat 10 gs of mushrooms and know whats going on in me and out of me thx to this guy, thats a moral duty of being human

  29. Lex Willenbrecht says:

    1.ever present-ness in me, 2. partial truths, 3. ken has been more of a father figure for me as well, helping me through my life. answering questions like what i am why im here and helping explain what it means to be human. the list goes on guy. i had this info shoved down my throat when i was 12 by someone who uses echart tolle to just forget everythinggg and live in bliss all day. im still in the process of discerning the wrong and usless shit from the good, stop getting so mad at begginers

  30. Lex Willenbrecht says:

    ever presentness in me, partial truths, the fact that ken has pushed me to a deeper me than anyone else could have, the list goes on guy. your just un happy probly cuz your not rich like him in that case STFU OR BE FUNNY AND NICE

  31. S Hudson says:

    Also “Gnosis” until you write your own book and provide a better ideas and framework that what Sri Aurobindo, Jean Gebser, Clair Graves, Don Beck, and Ken Wilber have done please do not be disrespectiful and try to provide some sort of substance and add some value to the conversation. Please provide some original ideas with a sense of respect and I will be glad to consider what you have to say. It seems you have turned people off from whatever that message may have by you clear lack of respect.

  32. S Hudson says:

    Well Gnosis if you watched the Second part of this video series Father Keating had his turn and spoke at length. looks like you rushed to judge without seeing how the dialogue really took place. SMH

  33. S Hudson says:

    Gnosis, have you ever had a 1st person subjective experience of the spiritual or non physical? I have had an full conscious OBE and met my deceased grandmother. She even told me what my parents were cooking that day. After my experience, I called them and they confirmed what my grandmother told me what they were cooking. I have personal experience I was referring to in my post. How about you? I assume not since the way you disrepect everyone on this thread. What is your belief system?

  34. smallpotatoes989 says:

    Rahner loves to listen to him

  35. Minni Hein says:

    At the same time, I’m glad you made this comment. I’ts always a good idea to stop and think whether the person you’ve chosen to follow is really worth it. (That is, if you’re not in the vibe of Higher Consciousness, where you just KNOW what the best thing to do is.)

  36. Minni Hein says:

    If you really read Ken’s theories, you’d understand he doesn’t claim to have invented the idea of integrating perspectives. That in itself, is of course characteristic to intelligent people (= people who have reached the necessary level of development). What he did do was that he consoled and integrated areas of life that were so far (by most people) thought to be unconsolable.
    I agree, that his books are repetitios, but how do you leave sth out when everything is integral and connected?

  37. InsidersHealthTV says:

    We just filmed an interview with Dr. John McGrail and he feels that by retraining our brains to focus on the positive instead of the negative that we can achieve enlightenment, self-empowerment, and live a joyful existence. Do you think it’s that easy to find one’s spirituality?

  38. Paxxxable says:

    Yeah … I agree
    I only found someplace a memo that mentioned “Steiner was a not undertood thinker of his age” by Wilber
    that’s all….not so much… I miss him from Integral theories

  39. Paxxxable says:

    I like Ken…..
    in the spritual view … solely the lack of integrating Rudof Steiner’s philosophie is the lack that I miss…from Ken’s philosophie….
    I mean rather Rudolf’s views on occult things….and how to approch spirituality recently….which means the 21s century

  40. Gnosis2078 says:

    “Ken’s idea of integrating perspectives…” Are you really that naive? Considering multiple points of view is simply called intelligent thinking and there are MANY people who have been doing it long before Wilber came along and pretended to invent it by calling it integral. His books are verbose, repetitious and slathered in needless jargon designed to make it seem like he invented common sense. That said, I could be wrong. What are the 3 most profound things you’ve learned from him?

  41. Iex97 says:

    dude i love kens ideas and the idea of integrating perspectives and i am not a zombie lol im more outgoing and loving than i have ever been, in fact i have transcended ken as a role model and moved on as being a ken wilber myself so you my friend need some work on your unconscious

  42. smallpotatoes989 says:

    well I do now know what his path is, never read his books could not find them in slovenia, but I like his thougts. but he is antisocial personality that has problem communicationg, and he knows it. he does not talk with people but to people.

  43. Gnosis2078 says:

    What a pile of crap Shay… “I notice that the people who judge his work are those who belive in the mythical(Christian Fundamentalisim).” You are a complete idiot for stating this as an absolute without a shred of evidence to support it. Was it Ken’s idea for you to post this silly retort to the near unanimous rejection here of Ken for Saviour? Did Ken say write that you’re either a bible thumper or you follow Wilber like a good zombie? You’re hilarious, lost and totally Konfused.

  44. Gnosis2078 says:

    well of course you do, you can’t even spell sense… lol… unless the mispelling was intentional irony to make the same point, in which case, well done m’lord. Look, there are many paths, but Wilber… ?

  45. Gnosis2078 says:

    anybody “talking” with Wilber HAS to be a good listener… wilber loves the sound of his own voice… if he wants your opinion he’ll give it to you!

  46. smallpotatoes989 says:

    well gurus are not able to be social they can talk to people.

  47. smallpotatoes989 says:

    I do. He makes a lot of sence.

  48. Gnosis2078 says:

    Fr. Keating does not get a word??? Blah, blah, blah… So many words, with so little connection or profundity. I love how “Integral” is the highest level of spiritual understanding… so fucking humble Ken… Why not just come out and say you’re a Buddha and get on with forming your cult of brainwashed zombies? If you can’t win them with wisdom, baffle them with bullshit. A+ bullshit. Did he actually re-spell Kosmos to utilize the first letter in Ken? LOL that anyone buys this pedantic idiot.

  49. jchijan says:

    Are you seeking truth? Search for “Truth Contest” in Google and click the 1st result, then click on “The Present” to open it. What it says will blow your mind.

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